Thursday, January 5, 2012

In which there is much procrastinating

So, you know like 90% of Part Two of my birth story has been written for a month. I just haven't bothered to finish and post it. In my defense, it's hard to type with one hand when the other is holding a baby (or shoving a very hungry orange kitty off your desk once he noticed you were distracted with the new little squalling pet in your arms and jumped up to the desk to attempt to steal the meat portion of your breakfast)...but, I've obviously found some time to type now, so laziness is partially to blame.

I'm just so cute, Mom can't be assed to drag herself away from me for five minutes to finish up a blog post that's been a month in the making. Or so she says.

The Mom thing? Yeah, it's hard. I found a little time to sew early on. I made a bunch of cloth nursing pads that turned out pretty well after the first few tries. Too bad there isn't a huge market for cloth nursing pads that would let me make a viable income by selling them on etsy or whatever. Quilts are kind of on the backburner for now, which is annoying since I have so many in progress. But I need really small, short projects right now to get me back into the swing of things. Anyway, have a little preview of my current project. If I'm not using my baby as an excuse to be lazy, you may see a post about it sometime soon!

Of course it's diaper related. Babies tend to sort of make everything suddenly about them, you know? 


  1. I can see why you would have trouble putting that little cutie down! Good luck with you projects.

  2. Oh Natalie she is too cute!! Makes me want another just to break out the dungarees!! Waiting for part 2 ;)

  3. What a cutie! And well done getting any sewing done :)

  4. Not just babies - everything will be all about her for the next 17 years, lol


  5. Good to hear from you! I have a bit of a random thought, but if you want something quilt, Jeni's drawstring bag at In Color Order is great, and easy, and you could put baby stuff in it :-)

  6. And by "something quilt" I definitely meant something quick. Oh my.