Sunday, December 4, 2011

In which I remember to post on my blog after two weeks of craziness

Finally, things have calmed down a bit. Honestly, it's kind of like I stepped into an alternate dimension two weeks ago, and I just stepped back out, and I'm not sure how to get back to "normal" life plus Baby. We've had a super steady stream of family visiting and helping out since the baby was born, but now it's just the three of us, alone, and it's weird. It'll be even weirder when my husband goes back to work next week and it's just me and the baby. I've always dreamed of being able to stay home, but at the same time, I've held some sort of job nonstop since I was 18 and in college, so now it's strange to suddenly not have a daily schedule to adhere to. I don't NEED to be anywhere by 7 or 8am, I don't have to eat lunch between 1 and 2pm, and I don't need to make a list of groceries to buy for dinner on the way home from work. I am sure the comfort of adhering to a schedule not made by yourself comes back into play when kids are school-aged, and you HAVE to get them to school by a certain time in the morning and whatnot, but when it's just me and a newborn at home--there is no set schedule. I COULD try to make up something like, "Ok, I'll wake up at 8 and we'll take a walk at 10 and eat at 12" but that doesn't really fly with a two-week-old who may be screaming at 8 and dead asleep at 10 and damn if I'm going to wake her up just so we can walk around the block because my schedule told me to.

Basically this whole thing is a huge learning experience and the good thing is that I should have tons of time to sew when the baby is asleep (if I am not napping as well), so more "workshop" related posts should come soon. I mean, honest to (insert deity here), the day my water broke and I went into labor, I had laid out an unfinished quit on my bed and was preparing to take pictures with my new camera and write up a post about my progress. But then my water blew up all over my desk chair as I was at my computer and less than 12 hours later, I had a baby in my arms.

And in case you were wondering, Orange Kitty has no idea what the hell a baby is and mostly curiously keeps his distance. However, after a week of observing us taking nonstop pictures of her in her little bouncy chair, he decided to try to get in on the action. I think we have a jealous cat.

If I sit in here, you'll take pictures of me for people to coo over, right?!


  1. Haha! Cat's are jealous creatures by nature, methinks! Glad orange kitty still gets a little attention :D

    Do what I do and make lists/schedules etc and then have a grand ole time not being able to follow them :D

    Look forward to seeing that quilt?

  2. Clever cat!
    I remember that craziness well - embrace it while you can! Way more fun than a schedule :)
    I did laugh at the water blowing up all over the desk chair!! :)

  3. Ok ok! (Screaming with excitement) LOOK! What a cute little kitty and look at those cute little ears and that nose. Isn't he adroable with all that beautiful orange fur? He must be the cutest little thing in the world ;-) Was that enough cooing?
    Very interesting to read about your new baby experiences! I'm sure you will figure it out! Do we get to see one of the million baby photos in the bouncy chair? ;-)

  4. LOL. Life does eventually settle down, and you will develop a routine, but at the moment, f you are still in your PJs at 4 in the afternoon, who cares? So long as madam is clean and dry and fed then you are doing a great job!!

  5. Well I'm glad you've posted, as I love reading what you say--hilarious. And your kitty is hilarious. Also, that little quilt looks lovely and soft!