Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In which a buttload of fabric scraps arrives at my front door

So last week I was browsing etsy.com and "favorite-ing" a bunch of stuff I wanted to buy, mostly fat quarter bundles and fabric scraps. Within a few minutes, I was surprised to see that someone had messaged me about a fabric scrap bundle of hers she had been trying to sell for a couple of months now--she offered it to me for just the price of shipping. I looked through more of her destash listings, picked out another bundle of large scraps and fat quarters, and asked how much the final price would be if she added those in as well. She lugged it all to the post office and came back with a price, along with the warning, "It IS about 20lbs of fabric..."

"Oh yeah, sure, that's fine, cool," I thought, and sent the money.

Expected delivery was today (Tuesday), so when I got home from work on Monday I stared at the large box sitting in front of my apartment door and wondered, "What IS that?!"

I opened the door and tried to kick the box inside, promptly stubbing my toe and cursing as the startled cats fled back from the door into the living room. It hit me: "Oh! My fabric came early! Oh! Holy CRAP this is a huge box!"

Eagerly, I dropped my purse on the floor and used my keys to rip open the tape. Sure enough, the box was completely stuffed to the brim with fabric scraps.

So I am now the proud owner of 20lbs of fabric scraps. I started to tell myself, "Well, at least now you don't have to buy fabric for a whi....ahahahaha, yeah right." Most of the scraps are fabric strips, which work well enough for the postage stamp quilt I'm strip-piecing and and string quilt I want to attempt sometime in the future, but, you know, fat quarters are so shiny an call to me whenever I walk into a fabric store...

Only another sewing nut could look at this pile and laugh, "Yeah, that's totally not enough fabric at all."

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