Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In which I get cool stuff and you get two blog posts

Hey all! You guys get TWO new posts today because I was dumb and wrote a post a few days ago and hit "save" instead of "publish." Isn't this the opposite problem most bloggers have? Sunday's post should be below this one, so go ahead and read that one first if you want.

Anyway, both my swap goodies came in this week and THANK YOU SO MUCH, SWAP PARTNERS! I am actually pleasantly surprised and touched that you both took my incoming baby into account and made stuff for her, too--I genuinely wasn't expecting that since my blog is more about self-centered me than about the kid. Jennifer at Knotted Thread made an ADORABLE mug rug that features both my kitties on it--how cute is that?! And Benta at SLIKStitches' autumn-themed rug came just in time for me to start my fall decorating since I love autumn so much. The scissor tags are perfect too, since lately my scissors keep disappearing from my sewing pile (yeah I don't have a dedicated sewing table). Now I can point to the tag and say, "SEE, MY NAME REALLY IS ON THEM!"

Jennifer's goodies on the left, Benta's on the right. Why yes, that's the back of my Fall blocks quilt, which has not yet made it onto a wall due to being stolen and slept on by a certain orange kitty.  Oh, and Jennifer also sent a small container of green buttons that I forgot to take a picture of...

I really enjoyed this goodie swap. I wish I'd had little more time to complete what I wanted to for my swappees, but it is what it is. Right when I was getting back into "sewing mode," real life took over and got in the way and unfortunately "Sewing Goodies For Internet Strangers, Which Is Far More Fun Than It May Sound" gets pushed further down the list, behind things like "I Need To Reapply Thermal Compound To My Computer's Heat Sink Because It Keeps Overheating, Oh No Now The Computer Is Crashing Every Time It Comes Out Of Hibernation Mode, WHY" and "I Just Filled My Car Tires With Air Two Weeks Ago, Why Is One Going Flat Again Already?!" and so on. I really admire those of you who seem to have it all together and manage to balance kids, work, hobbies, and everything else.

Now for more action shots of my goodies:

Yeah, this is my "sewing pile," otherwise known as the dining table, which is really just a card table shoved next to a wall by the kitchen (I miss living in a house). Um, I usually don't use my tomato pincushion upside down, so ignore that. I am very happy that my scissors are labeled, without that label being some squished lettering in Sharpie on an ugly piece of masking tape. This is a great idea!

So my cats are enticed way more by treats than they are by water, and I would have been mauled to death had I tried to intertwine their tails together, but here is the closest I could get to making them imitate Jennifer's mug rug. I also think this is Gray Kitty's pictorial debut on this blog--construction is being done on our apartment building and Gray Kitty spends most of his time cowering under my husband's desk, terrified that all the Scary Noises coming from outside are going to invade and steal his cat tuna or something. Orange Kitty couldn't care less.

Proof that taking pictures of cats is a several minute, multiple-try endeavor.

Thanks again to my swap partners! See you around the blogosphere (or whatever they call it these days).


  1. What fantastic gifts :)
    The fact that you put your pincushion upside down is endearing! Blame it on pregnancy brain!
    The cats looking at the mug rug is too cute.
    Lucy x

  2. Jennifer was one of my swap buddies too! I love how she made one with your kitties. When you saw that one did you immediately know it was yours? I was eyeballing those scissor tags. You lucky lady!

    I meant to comment on your other post, but my experience with a card table for sewing was interesting. Forever nothing was coming out straight when cutting. I was using my ruler and it was matching up(or so I thought) but then I realized the middle bowed in! Once I started cutting on my actual table or, most often, using the floor it all started coming out straight. Just a heads up in case you get that dubya tee eff moment someday.

  3. I just love how thoughtful and personal these goodies were. Awesome.

  4. I'm glad you enjoy them! Glad gray kitty made his debut, I'm surprised you hadn't figured it out when I started poking around asking about the baby! haha Enjoy the next couple weeks and congrats again!

  5. I am so glad that it arrived ok, and you like it. thanks for all the clues, once i had autumn it was easy, and i hope the dinosaurs helped the taggie! the scissors tags started when a friend found mum in law using embroidey scissors to trim toe nails (shudder). My family are well trained in not using my scissors, but they help me easily identify which pair is which (why are so many handles orange?)

  6. Hi! Found you via Lily's Quilts blog meet. Wow, reading your profile, we have a lot in common! I'm 24 (25 in November). I've been married 2 1/2 years and I'm a first time mom to a 1 year old boy. And I have a crazy cat...

    Congrats on your little one! It's a lot of fun!!

  7. Love the swap items. And the kitties!

  8. hi there, found you from Lilys quilts. Your swap goodies are fab and as you say how lovely that you got goodies for the baby too. I received my first swap package yesterday, I was beyond excited and the contents were amazing

  9. I haven't laughed this much in a long time...loved my visit to your blog...