Thursday, September 8, 2011

In which "pregnancy brain" wins again

I spend way too much time at the fabric store. Part of the reason for this is sheer stupidity on my part. Like, yesterday I went in to buy supplies for the mug rug goodie swap and walked around the store for thirty minutes with an index card with the words "embroidery thread, interfacing, fiberfill" scrawled on it. What did I walk out with?

I would say "Ignore my messy sewing space" but the mess just proves that I AM working on stuff, so meh. 
Embroidery thread, interfacing, buttons. Buttons? Well, the button racks are near the cutting table where I got my interfacing cut, and I got totally distracted by the bee buttons, which I thought were adorable because I love bees, too, and then there was a rack of 30% off buttons so I went through those for a while, then paid for everything and left.  In my mind I knew I had three types of items on my list and I left the store with three types of items, so, satisfied, I drove home.

Cue a few hours later after I'd made dinner and sewed for a while, I got to the part of my project that instructed me to start stuffing it, and I looked around and wondered what I was going to stuff it with. My eyes fell on my buttons and OH YEAH, I was WALKING towards the batting section of the store earlier, but never actually reached it because of CUTE BEE BUTTONS. Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing that I forgot my fiberfill, because I set aside my sewing earlier than usual and went to bed before midnight, so I actually got some decent sleep. Still, I felt dumb pulling up to the fabric store for the second day in a row after work today, and forced myself to bypass all the buttons and fabric and go STRAIGHT to the batting section at the back of the store.

Then my pregnancy bladder called, so I ran to the bathroom and got distracted by felt on the way back to the batting section, thus I nearly walked out the door without my fiberfill AGAIN, but by some miracle remembered at the last second, and actually managed to pay for it and bring it home. See? I even took a picture to prove it.

I don't know how some people manage to do like 3 quilt-alongs and 2 fabric/goodie swaps and their own personal projects and raise kids and cook dinner and stuff all at the same time. I mean, I apparently can't even manage to buy what's on the three-item list I'm carrying around the store with me, though I'm sure the fabric store employees get some amusement out of me. They probably refer to me as the absent-minded pregnant girl since a few weeks ago I left my car keys sitting on top of a shelf of autumn fabrics and ran back through the store in a panic after paying for my purchase, retracing my steps to find them. One person's forgetfulness is another person's amusement, I guess!

As a bonus, have an Orange Kitty Story of the Day:  When the cat heard me get out my camera to take a picture, he ran in the room and shoved his face in the lens because he's vain like that. I pushed him out of the way and he apparently went, "Screw this, if you ain't taking a picture of me, you ain't getting a picture of what you want" and shoved his tail directly in my line of sight as I snapped the photo. He is such a brat.


  1. hahaha, i seriously think we might be soulmates. this is how i am, all the time. always. i have no kids or husband, i'm not pregnant, i have few responsibilities, really, (go to work, come home, go to work, come home... pay bills, repeat!) if my dog didn't bug me for food she would starve to death, hehe. i can NEVER find my keys or wallet!

    anyways my point is that half the time i walk out of the store without my sacks of purchases. and i can't ever seem to finish anything either! Attention deficit disorder? i think so :P

  2. Not sure I can assure you it gets any better! Mine are 17 and 20. Last month I booked a cheap flight back fom Ireland to an airport 45 minutes south of home, and then booked a train ticket back home ... From an airport 2 hours NORTH of home! So husband had to pick me up, and I lost the money on the train ticket!!

  3. So funny :)
    I can totally see why those buttons distracted you, I love bees too.
    That tail picture is brilliant!

  4. Oh, anyone can get that distracted. I usually go the other way and forget the list, make it up when I'm in the store, then have to return at lunch the next day. So it goes...

  5. It might not be pregnancy related at all. I suspect there is some syndrome that targets quilters and sewers. Symptoms seem to include forgetfulness ("How did that fat quarter get in my bag?"), an inability to resist gorgeous haberdashery, impulsiveness in fabric stores, a compulsion to hoard fabric, delusions("Of course I can manage that swap - and the 354 other WIPs I have at the moment")......Some day all this will be studied and documented by a learned professor and they will think up an name for it!