Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In which I become a Stay-At-Home-Mom without actually being a mom yet

Shortly after my last post, I decided I was done, done, done with the working-for-pay world (at least, for the remainder of my pregnancy). So I told my boss I'd stop working the next Friday (coincidentally, pay day, so I got to pick up my paycheck...), told the preschoolers to ask someone else to tie their shoes, celebrated at the thought of not having to spend my mornings outside in 38 degree weather anymore, and was DONE.

After a weekend of visitors, I found myself with actual free time yesterday morning. It was bizarre, as even when I would normally take vacation time, I'd usually be busy travelling or at least preparing to travel or whatever. I was always doing SOMETHING. At the moment I am literally sitting at home waiting to go into labor, which may happen tonight, or three weeks from now. Other than "pack and repack hospital bag, wash dishes, pet kitty," what else is there to do?

SEW, of course. The sewing machine had sat silent and idle for at least two weeks, as I just haven't had the time or energy to work on any sort of sewing project. Yesterday I flipped it on, loaded up some thread, and mused over what I wanted to do. I didn't feel like working on a quilt since I wasn't fully back into "sewing mode" yet, so I pulled out a bunch of cheap, slightly used Gerber prefold diapers that we were planning to use as burp cloths, yanked out some scraps, and sewed away.

Yeah, the dinosaur love shows up even on a cloth meant to be puked on. 

There are a bunch of tutorials on how to embellish burp cloths out there, but I didn't follow any particular one. I just grabbed some scraps and ric-rac and sewed away. I even used the opportunity to practice my binding skills (which could always use some work) on one of the cloths. I like how they turned out and I'll probably spice up a couple more this week. Or, knowing me, go totally overboard and make like 50 burp cloths, which probably won't actually be a problem since I'm sure we'll have the spit-uppiest kid ever. Anyway, I'll probably be sewing a lot now that I have the time, so look forward to more updates, which will probably get more and more insane as my pregnancy progresses towards my due date with no sign of labor in sight. Can one induce labor by sewing too much?

At the upper left: a couple of store-bought baby legwarmers, and a bunch sewed by my mom! This baby is going to be spoiled by handmade things! 


  1. Yeah! Good for you! Enjoy your free and sewing time ;-)

  2. Sewing for babies is so satisfying, almost anything goes :)

  3. glad you got back in the mood for sewing, and giving up work sounds like a great idea, I gave up at 6 weeks first time and 11 weeks second time!