Monday, November 14, 2011

In which I talk about cameras, not quilts or sewing or kitties

I am sure some of you have noticed that the pictures on this blog are...well, subpar. While I certainly make no claims about my photography skills, I must put some of the blame on my camera. I've been using a 7 year old Kodak EasyShare that I cannot stand to take all my pictures. It's old enough to be a digital camera with an actual little viewfinder still on it, and the digital screen on it is TINY! It takes 5 seconds from turning it on for it to be ready to snap a picture, and it's fat and clunky and the flash isn't very strong anymore. The only good thing I can say about it is that, for being a 7 year old camera, it still works!

I had a more modern Samsung digital camera that I liked a lot, but it died back in, oh, January? And I just never got around to replacing it because the old Kodak one worked "well enough." However, this weekend it finally occurred to me that, "Hey, we have a baby due in less than two weeks. Maybe THIS is a good excuse to finally get a new camera?" After consulting my younger brother (who is a great photographer--you can check out some of his stuff at Classically Geeky), I ordered a Canon ELPH 300. As much as I'd love a $500 camera, I just can't afford it right now, but since the only things I ever take pictures of are cats and quilts (and soon to be baby), I don't need anything TOO fancy. Anyway, the whole point is that I'm getting a new camera and I'm excited because who doesn't like new stuff? Later this week I'll post some pictures and then we'll see if it WAS the 7 year old camera making my pics kind of subpar, or if I really am just a crap photographer!


  1. LOL, who knew such relics still existed?! I use my iphone to take all my pics. i have a better digital camera, but it's just so much more convienient to whip out my phone and snap some pics, then upload straight to flickr. even that is more effort than i wanna go to, lol. So glad you're investing in better photography, tho! i look forward to seeing these new and improved pics!!! also good luck with the last two weeks of pregnancy, i heard that's uncomfortable, hahaha!

  2. I think I'm in a parallel universe with you. I have an ancient Kodak and a somewhat less ancient Kodak. Horrible! I've asked Santa for a Canon Powershot. Love to hear how you like your camera.

  3. Oh, only 2 more weeks! How exciting!
    You know what though? Seems like I have the a similar ancient camera but I love it! I always "inherit" the "old" cameras of my dad. And he totally regretted giving this one to me ;-)
    But I know what you mean. I hate the tiny display (Kodak problem!) I actually use the view finder. Helps me to save battery and to hold the cam more still. I have reached its limits though. I am dreaming of a Canon or Nikon cause I love to take macro shots and nature shots but I wont buy it before I can afford it. Luckily I'm happy with mine ;-)
    Please share your experiences with your new toy!

  4. Exciting camera, yes, but hasnt this baby arrived yet? LOL