Sunday, March 18, 2012

In which the baby is actually napping, so it's posting time, right?

The tulip wall hanging is coming along very slowly. I was hoping to get it done by the actual start of spring (which is, what, Wednesday?), but., meh. It won't actually feel like spring for another month in the Pacific Northwest, so I've got some time.

They are actually just a slight modification on the maple leaf block. Shhh.

I am excited for the Rainbow Charm Swap I'm part of. I already know what I'm going to do with all my charms. Behold, my professional, not at all sloppily and hastily Photoshopped together:

I used to hate rainbow and grey together until I did a rainbow/grey mug rug for a swap last year. Then suddenly I liked it. Orange Kitty says: "Try new things! They may surprise you! And if it surprises you in a way that gives you horrible stomach cramps, it's probably spoiled, so throw it away!" 

I've been wanting to do a chevron quilt for a while, but then I saw the patchwork chevron on Moda Bake Shop and the scrappy-loving part of me said, "THAT'S it, I HAVE to do that!" The great thing about this is that when I ordered my fabric for the charms, I also ordered the solid fabric I'll need for it, and since the charms will be pre-cut, theoretically it should piece together quicker than I'm used to. Thinking ahead, that's a new thing for this is what it's like to be prepared for things ahead of time...

In yet other news...Sana awarded me with the Liebster Blog award! Thank you so much, Sana! It's Orange Kitty's very first blog award! So I guess the rules are:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Link back to their blog.
3. Copy and paste the Liebster award to your profile.
4. Pick 5 blogs that you feel deserve to be in the spotlight (they must have under 200 followers).

5. Blog about it and leave a comment for your nominations to let them know that you have chosen their blog.

So I did a quick scroll of my blogger list and it doesn't look like any of the people I wrote down last week have gotten the award yet. But if they did...well, this is what I get for not blogging about it for a week! Anyway, I award the Liebster Blog Award to: 

Benta of SLIKstitches.  She was my swap partner in the very first swap I did as a brand-new blogger last year and I continue to follow her blog because she makes some amazing projects, plus she always has a positive, humorous outlook on things. Visiting her blog is like visiting a old friend's home, it's just so warm and inviting!

Kristy at Quiet Play. She's so creative, her recent toilet toll cover is adorable! She also has a couple of kids that are involved in some of her sewing projects, and it's kind of a neat glimpse into where I might be in a few years with my own kids :)

Jess at The Elven Garden. I just started following her recently, and I stick around because everything she makes is so colorful and bright! Visiting her blog is such a visual bombardment of color, it cheers me up every time! I don't know how she does it.

Fiona at Finding Fifth.  I feel like every post she makes, no matter how short, is packed full of information from speaking Hindi to fabric storage tips! After seeing that she plans out her weekly meals on a white board, I got my butt to the store and bought a white board too, and have written down dinners for the last few weeks and not sat around at 6pm whining, "Ugh, I'm so hungry but I don't know what I feel like maaaaaaaking..." (or at least, I haven't whined *quite* as much...)

Krista at krista stiched. She also uses a lot of bright, fun colors, usually in combinations and shades I wouldn't even think about using, but she makes it work! Her hexagons are downright amazing! I never know what new, crazy project she will be working on whenever I see an update from her!

So there's my Liebster Blog Award picks! Please take a moment to visit them if you haven't already--they are all great!



  1. You are very welcome ;-) Love your idea for your rainbow charms. I am still trying to decide, what I will do with mine. I am also trying to get more organized. Maybe I can learn some from you ;-)

  2. That's a great plan to use the rainbow charms ... I'm looking forward to see the real thing rather than the photoshopped dream of it.

  3. Ahhh, sweetie, thank you fr those lovely words x x x

  4. Loving your tulip blocks! Very appropriate for Spring!

    And oh my gosh.... your plan for the solids chevron quilt - fabulous! Can't wait to see how that progresses!

    Thank you for the lovely comments about my blog too! I feel like I'm in very good company too! :)

  5. Thank you so much for your very kind words Natalie. My first blog award too! Now is there a time frame for me to get my 5 awards out within? I am keen to check out your other winners - already love 'Quiet Play' and 'The Elven Garden' my fellow Aussie girls - and your Pacific Northwest orange kitty archives too!

  6. I love that pattern you've chosen, definitely saved it for myself to use someday. I look forward to seeing what you do with it. Hope the little family is well :-)

  7. Aw! Thanks, Natalie! I just popped over here to get your info for a tagging game I'm fixing to post about, and here you'd picked me for this! Right on. Your rainbow mockup looks awesome, so do the flower blocks, I just love those!

    1. I tagged you to play in a game, so go check it out!