Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In which I probably should not whine so much

Ok, so I guess I wrote my last blog post when I was tired and irritated, because a bunch of people commented right away on their opinion of Joann's Fabrics. When I reread the post this morning it did come off as kind of whiny and not entirely necessary.  I think blogs are for venting as well as sharing nice stuff, but I do feel bad lashing out at an entire chain of stores when I've only had terrible experiences at one. Negativity is not the intended tone of this blog, so I'll try to keep the venting posts to a minimum in the future. Or at least make them a little more humorous!

On a more positive note...

Why yes, those are dinosaur pajamas that she's wearing!

...the tag blanket that Benta sent me for the goodie swap last year is finally being put to use! The baby (whom I shall hereafter refer to as "Maggie," since that's one of her nicknames) has just figured out she has hands and is starting to pick things up. I learned this when I looked at her last week and she was lifting up the hem of her skirt and flashing her zebra-print diaper at everyone. The other day, after being unable to find her favorite toy (a bendy ball with a bunch of holes in it that makes it easy to pick up)--I have reason to believe it is at the bottom of the laundry basket underneath all the clothes--I remembered I'd put the tag blanket away in a drawer until Maggie could actually use it. So I pulled it out to see...and she likes it! I haven't gotten to use the lovely bib that Jennifer made for me yet, but Maggie will be eating solids in a couple of months and I know we will get a ton of use out of it then.

This is making me think back to a sort of giveaway I wanted to do on this blog for a while, but I'll have to mull on the details a little longer. Stay tuned...!


  1. The tag blankets are great for bubs! Glad your little one loves hers - my youngest dismissed hers after 2 seconds. Made me wonder why i had put so much effort into it! (oh and how cute is your Miss Maggie with all that hair!)

    I also tend to think it's okay to include the occasional not-so-perfect bits in a blog post. We don't all live in perfect worlds and while we might try to keep blogs as our "happy space", it doesn't always work that way.
    And yes, I am speaking for the entire blogosphere with my royal "we" haha!

  2. It's only fair to share experiences. When I drive in to the city there are 2 Joann's but I'll always go to the one with nicer people. I believe in supporting local quilt shops but the staples are just easier and more affordable there ( batting, blades, etc)

    Your baby is so adorable! I just want to gobble her up with kisses. I love all the hair. My son looked like Charlie Brown til he was one.

  3. Its a lovely photo, and I'm so pleased the taggie is being enjoyed!!!!

  4. Cute blankie!! I didn't think you were whiney at all, just had a bad experience and needed to vent! Glad you're being positive though ;)

  5. I think venting is totally fine! We stick together through good and bad time, right ;-)
    Maggie ist too cute!

  6. The occaisional vent is no biggie, plus it totally involved sewing/quilting, so we were all totally interested! Lol. Beautiful babe. My niece was born with a full head of hair, too :D